Technical info

Basic technical info about the product Snow-Liner

Height 1217,5 mm
Length 1969,5 mm
Width 2880 mm
Weight 670 kg




Required technical info about draught vehicle

Hanging device of a tractor

KAT II (KAT I and KAT III also possible)

Output min.50 kW
Driveshaft 13/8” 6 grooves
Revolutions of driveshaft 540 revs/min
Hydraulics on the tractor two simultaneously affecting controlling devices

Attachment to a draught vehicle

Snow-Liner is designed for an attachment to a three-points hanging device of category KAT II. Because of the special designed pivots, the Snow-Liner can be also attached to a three-points hanging device of category KAT I or KAT III. The working width of the machine Snow-Liner is 2881 mm. The weight of fully equipped machine Snow-Liner is 670 kg. For quality transportation of snow surface, a draught unit, a tractor with the output 50 kW and more, is necessary. Required revolutions of back driveshaft – 540 revs/min.
When working with the machine Snow-Liner, it is necessary to set the hanging device in floating position. A working angle of the machine can be changed by the upper adjustable point (hydraulic is also possible). By this way, you can optimize cutting through the layers of snow.