To all the people interested in classic skiing, we are presenting a new type of machine for an adjustment of snow surface, so called the carried snowplough SNOW-LINER, which can be attached to an ordinary wheeled tractor of the second category. The snowplough is suitable for a difficult terrain in the mountains and also in the surroundings of towns. It enables a new delight in skiing and sledging even in the areas where the adjustment of high-quality cross-country skiing tracks have not been possible yet. Nowadays these cross-country skiing tracks with the world competitions’ standards are available even for tourist skiing.

The snowplough, SNOW-LINER, the novelty which finds more and more symphatizers in Bohemia and also in the world. Mainly due to:

  • affordability
  • simplicity
  • simple manipulation, transportation of the machine even on the road
  • possibility of use even in worse snow conditions
  • low operating costs
  • use even during an organization of the world cross-country ski races (meeting of the standards)
  • possibility to attach the SNOW-LINER to any type of tractor or to any drawbar with three-points hanger